The future, the zeitgeist and a solution to humanities problems.


By Jinxtengu

Ok well it's obvious to me that we are at the dawning of a new era.
Augmented reality is going to be the next industrial revolution and will totally change the human race forever, possibly even ending it if we arenít able to live up to the challenge of using it in an informed way.
Aiís are going to reach a level of general intelligence very soon. Even as they come close to reaching general intelligence they will have a profound effect on the world we live in, totally changing it.
This is not science fiction this is now, this is actually the world we live in.

Culture is afraid of this momentous change, and for good reason.
Many ways of life will become redundant, and most people arenít existentially prepared and donít have the skills they will need to adapt to this future.

On some level there is a cultural awareness that this change is already taking place, yet this is still a hazy and unformed awareness in the cultural minds eye, though this awareness is ever increasing with each passing moment.

The fear of change is currently at the heart of the collective consciousness and will manifest itself in ways that hold onto and romanticise a simplified version of the past, and preference towards a black and white, concrete version of reality. Medieval game of thrones stuff will get more popular (if that is even possible).
Hipsters will try to make chessze from scratch and dress like the Amish.
ok well those things are already happening, my point is this is merely a symptom of a long term cultural trend, following an already well established current of thought.

Reality is really just made up of ever changing and evolving trends and their dynamic interactions with one another, this is just an example of the major trends interacting now.

The attraction to these symbols of a throwback era (Game of thrones/Amish example) is a symptomatic reaction at a cultural level to the cultures collective apprehension towards an unknown and threatening future.

Another symptom of this collective dis-ease is the rise and growing popularity of polarised modes of thought, especially simplified modes which interact sympathetically with other modes of processing inherent in our more primitive brain structures, structures which are well understood to respond readily to peripheral modes of suggestion and persuasion over more rational and nuanced approaches to thought.
The rise of extreme populist movements and of Trump is in essence, a sign of this meta-cultural reaction.
We are already seeing this reflected in politics, this tendency towards a simplification, a "one or the other approach" with both sides increasingly getting more and more polarised, with the result that neither side has the depth and brevity of vision to adequately lead us forward, so that we may embrace and solve the challenges of the future.

This polarisation is seductive to many because of itís simplicity. What people actually fear about the future on a deep subcultural level, is the sheer weight of complexity of the coming new world order.
People are simply scared they canít handle it, arenít smart enough to understand it and many just want to sit back have a beer and let it all pass.

But it wont pass.

If we choose to let it pass then that will probably spell the end of our species.

This avoidance based thinking process, that favours a business as usual approach to life, is a generalised cognitive distortion which arises as an extrapolation from what our ape brain thinks is best for us at an individual level, extrapolated to envision a world view and presented as the solution to world problems.
Thinking like this, while it has worked in the past, simply will not lead us in good stead for the future.

Simply put people are used to doing and thinking in a certain way and donít want to change. Change seems too hard and it creates temporary stress for the individual. The key word is temporary, and remember being born wasn't very pleasant either

Culture must learn to accept that change is a fundamental part of reality, I would even go so far as to say that change IS the very essence of reality.

The fear held by the sub conscious collective mind is that people will not be able to adapt to the challenge of mentally inhabiting the coming new world. The collective beast mind, is just scarred it wont be able to get it's head around it.

Wether or not people want to prepare for the future, and try as they might to hold onto or recreate some archaic social order, the future WILL happen (and is indeed already happening now) regardless of whether the majority are ready for it or not. When it does it's best to be prepared for it I say, lest we should become an anachronistic species.
Anachronisms tend to die out.
This is a pragmatic way of looking at where we stand.

So to continue,
It is an aversion to taking on more complex modes of thought which precludes people from meeting the future head on and results in them instead running away from it,
which explains in a nutshell the current social trend towards a romanticised occlusion and a simplified world order. It's evidenced in old fads making a comeback, people trying to re-live the past, and film franchise re-boots from 20 years ago.

There will be some who attempt to hold humanity back and try to forcefully create a simplified world(or a vision of one), which as I said will be popular and appealing for a time being but is not the way forward.
Clinging to this atrophied conceptual framework, characterised by occlusion, will only prove to be harder and harder and will ultimately fail.
Itís only through embracing the future that humanity can survive and thrive, anything else is a grave miscalculation.
If the future is used to serve the past (moulded to form a simplified world view based around the historical occlusion of our species and outmoded ideas) this will prove disastrous as the outcome of this, coupled with the new technologies will be a vector towards imminent existential threat for the species, and besides which it will just be boring, not cool and awesome.

The ďnowĒ zeitgeist is marked by technology changing humans, by humans becoming increasingly changed, and augmented to a larger and larger extent by artificial technology.

Beyond this there is another struggle going on, at an even deeper intrinsic level, this is the projection of a struggle going on in the microcosm of the human mind on an individual level projected onto the macrocosm of larger society on a collective level. This is partly a genetic and evolutionary struggle, and a battle of genetic information and genetically sympathetic information systems.

The last struggle in the collective awareness is actually a struggle of the human mind happening in many individuals right now.
This is the fight for dominance of the older ape mind and the newer frontal cortex.

As a species we must give up limbic dominated thinking and switch to using frontal lobe directed thinking, in essence this means giving up our ape brain in favour of the newer, more aptly able and precocious frontal lobe.

We must evolve to be a species that learns to think properly just as we once had to master walking on two legs instead of four.
This is actually not as hard as it sounds and Im confident that as a species we'll get there.
The battle in the microcosm is projected into the macrocosm. The old ape mind will not go without a fight. This fight parallels many of the battles currently occurring in the social arena today, all the Harvey Weinstein stuff, gender politics, toxic masculinity everything.
On a deeper level, these battles are cultural proxies for synaptic modes of domination and parsing of reality, that occurs on an individual level within each of us.

If we are to progress as a species, the ape mind must come to the sidelines for good and our frontal lobe must come to fully dominate the mind as it rightfully deserves to.
Only this change will solve the problems of inequality and power distribution in the world.
Trying to solve these problems without first addressing the way we think, will be purely superficial and potentially lead to other dysfunctional social structures, since they will not address the root cause of those problems (Being the short minded ape mind interfering with societally significant decisions).

This change of thinking is the difference between a creature walking on 4 legs to then learn to start walking on two legs.
We must mentally transition from walking on four legs to walking on two legs. We must learn to think properly and become masters of our own minds, only then will humanity be ready to meet the challenges faced by the new technology and the changes sure of any future.

To summarise,

we cannot escape the technology of the future nor it's many implications.
Knowing this creates deep fear in the collective imagination and causes our ape minds to rebel against our frontal lobes, which are on some level perhaps aware, that the new world will be no place for a human with the mind of a sophisticated ape. Only sophisticated human minds will be ready for the vast challenges and opportunities ahead.

This battle for supremacy over modes of thought plays out outside the mind (the macrocosm mimics the microcosm), as most people are not even aware that such an internal struggle exists, showing itself in our collective culture.

I think that in reality most people want a solution to this problem, there is just no agreement to what the solution is, because few people can see the issue clearly, they get caught up personally identifying with their opinion in one way or another. Yet another symptom of the pre-rational ape brain.

However I propose a solution.

The way to change the word and embrace an awesome fucking future isnít to try and preach propaganda nor is it to coerce people though force, itís simply though walking on two feet all the time, mentally.
To change one's thinking.
Change starts with the individual then spreads outwards.

Once the change in perception reaches a critical mass, the powers of social mirroring will take care of the rest.

This idea isnít an abstract or fuzzy one, it's actually a very tangible thing that can be done easily through training. Train your brain to be creative and rational, not just sometimes but always. You may think thatís impossible but trust me it's not.

It may seem hard at first to engage with the world using a creative, constructing parser, but after a while it wont require any effort and you will benefit from a radical shift in perception that will not only change how you see the world, but also how you actively construct reality.
The limbic network, (which is dominant in most people) simply doesnít have to be, and it only muddies our perception. Once it served a purpose, now it must be relegated to take the sidelines of our thought patterns, sitting along with our even older reptilian brain modules. After you start processing exclusively using the frontal lobe you wont go back to the old way of thinking, that would be like trying to walk on four feet again after walking on two.
Only then you realise how cumbersome it was, and think to yourself "Why the fuck was I doing things this way for so long?"

So there ya go, the zeitgeist and a solution to humanityís pressing problems in a nutshell

Happy end!! :)