Nonsense articles
Can plagiarism be art?

This was an experiment in creative writing.

What I did was copy a bunch of articles from the internet, mainly from The Guardian and Reuters then I put them through an article spinner, this is a program that changes nearly every word in the article with a word with a similar meaning to avoid direct plagiarism.
I then ran an individual word replacement on the articles and replaced certain words and phrases with ones I made up, usually because I thought they might lead to some humorous results.
I also took the liberty to simply re-write parts of the documents in the case that the word replacement made a sentence almost into something but not quite or sometimes just because I wanted to. There is some obscene language in a few of the articles. Mostly these articles read like nonsensical garbage, but I also think they have some amusing passages and some interesting surrealness to them.

here are the articles:

Disfigured rabbit bodybuilders
Rattling unfriendly birds
Billions of goatlings
Realism of motion
Tiny whales on the charge
How Demonic are bees?
Intemperance paradisaical bier
Social bugganoids
Violent and insane lions
Oil doesn't hoodwink
Religionist Spankage

On top of that I also converted the articles into audio format, read by Microsoft Anna. You can listen to them here:

Disfigured rabbit bodybuilders.mp3
Rattling unfriendly birds.mp3
Realism of motion.mp3
How Demonic are bees.mp3
Social bugganoids.mp3
Oil doesn't hoodwink.mp3
Religionist Spankage.mp3
Billions of goatlings.mp3
Tiny whales on the charge.mp3
Intemperance paradisaical bier.mp3
Violent and insane lions.mp3

Also you can hear ALL THE ARTICLES at once with this audio
track where I mixed them all together.