Great yaks asunder!!!fuck you

The happy community over at the Sunfish forums have come together in a collective show of derangement,
and under my haphazard and listless direction have created an albumen of great force and sheer acoustic perforation.

The album contains 15 tracks by 13 different artists and goes for 37 minutes.

Stinky weasel teeth would certainly be proud.


So Suck out those spinal fluids and get ready to experience convulsive Pyloric spasms!!!!

After all, isnít this what the internet was created for?
Thatís a rhetorical question by the way.

Choose your flavor to soak up the glory. You can download each track individually (as listed below), or take the far less tedious method;
download all the songs as one single entity (which Iíve taken the liberty to sort of curate) Itís also on youtube!!(Or will be eventually)

Track List
1: Aargh fucking sunfish invasion!! by Bigpancakenorton
2: Dancing dwarfs by Nolovoto
3: Downhill by Reuben Cawthorn/Sleepymudkip/Rustymoon
4: Popcorn cover by Rato
5: Were taking over also lemons by Speedos
6: Poop grave by Einar Hugi
7: Hypersniff Stepdad by Reuben Cawthorn/Sleepymudkip/Rustymoon
8: Fungoid by Jinxtengu
9: Welcome to the garden by Dany Burton
10: Rad by Picklesrevil
11: Blake Strobe by Harney Barrow
12: Single Singular 1 (Single Mix) by Harney Barrow
13: Softest by Rylie James Thomas
14: Death in Midsummer Metonymy A by Beanstalk/Etienne
15: Infernals Track by Infernal


Click the picture to download as one fucking awesome track.


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