Browser games and interactive things

Word up!
This page is dedicated to games Iíve done that will work in a web-browser.
This means you can play them with-out downloading, since they should run in the browser window. This is useful if youíre at work or whatever. Another advantage is that Mac users can play these games. As well as games, thereís also a separate section for non-games, where Iíll publish multimedia things that I sometimes make. Currently the list is fairly small, but rest assured Iíll add to it.

----------------------Browser based games----------------------

Earwax sculptures
Become a full-blown artist and make your own sculpture in: Earwax sculptures.
Click here to play.

Just a small game I made to test out the html5 canvas. Use the arrow keys to control the plane, and spacebar to shoot. You are the red plane.
Click here to play.

----------------------Interactive things----------------------

This was the first test game I made for browsers. You can bounce around and hit stuff. Controls with the mouse (sorta)
Click here to play.


Browser games and interactive things