Chunk Up the heat

Chunk up the Heat

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to Download the full Album.
Chunk up the heat contains seventeen songs and goes for 30 minutes.

Here are the Individual tracks for download.
Key is quay
Basket case
Rose tinted rats
Hangin rocket
Lumber mill
Black icing
The grey circle
Bird lungs
Spleen figurine
Lakely the moon
Vole vs stoat

I was thinking of putting this Album on Bandcamp,
But I decided to put new albums exclusively on my own site.
Bandcamp takes a cut from all sales and I hate middle men.

Chunk up the heat is free to download and listen to.
If you enjoy it and you would like to support future projects,
send me some money through paypal.
Here’s a link that lets you do just that.

My recommended price is $7
Hope you enjoy the Album ;)